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Denise Michelle Coates is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Next Level Concepts/Mentorship Academy, a fast-growing international beauty industry Gathering, delivering on providing education and training for thousands of students and educators globally.

Denise is a highly accomplished visionary with extensive training in the beauty industry. She travels extensively across the country and into foreign countries partnering with her staff and other educators to present consistent high-quality, groundbreaking content that delivers on the founding core mission of Next Level Concepts to motivate, educate, and inspire others to reach their maximum potential.

Denise has been a licensed cosmetologist for 29 years and has been a Certified vocational educator in a New York state Public School System for 10 years. She is at her best when her passion and desires are met by pouring knowledge back into the lives of a cosmetologist. With her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail, Denise enjoys working with students and cosmetologists to build technique that will assist in creating hairstyles for their clients individualized needs.

Denise is a long‐time champion of diversity and inclusion. She holds free education classes in more than 10 states because she is passionate about advocating for lifelong learning and driving initiatives that help create a new generation of industry leaders. Among her accomplishments are establishing the most sought out beauty industry’s gathering “Mentorship Academy Miami”, a collection of educational instructional DVD’s and her very own product line Freedom Hair, Denise is undeniably a master of her craft.

Many of her accomplishments include,

· Salon& spa owner  Motivational Speaker

· Platform artist   Magazine recognition

· Salon coach  Photo Shoots

· Public School Educator   Numerous awards

· Competitions  

· Educational Instructional DVD Production

Denise Michelle Coates is a certified educator by the New York State Department of Education. She has a bachelor’s degree in Education… and recently obtained her Master’s of Science degree in the field of Education with a concentration on School building leadership. 

Denise delivers today’s education with boldness, versatility, and freshness that will leave you with reassurance, understanding, and the confidence needed to be successful in the beauty industry.

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